Mike Graham

mike graham

Mike Graham is Innovated’s Master Craftsman. After 6 years of serving in the United States Air Force, with stations in Offutt AFB Nebraska, Naples Italy, and Sarajevo, Mike decided to complete his college degree at Towson University. After graduating, Mike began a highly successful career in real estate, where his interest in selling properties created a strong desire to transition into the world of renovations and construction. That same desire led Mike into being apart of a team of skilled carpenters responsible for the construction and fabrication of well known haunted houses in the theme park industry. After 10 years of mastering his craft, Mike became a Licensed General Contractor in the state of Florida, and continued to work in both residential and commercial projects. His ability to create some of the most unique and exciting game, themed, and playrooms, as well as home theaters, within area vacation homes, has only further expanded his talents. Add this to his ability of also creating a unique working relationship with the client, we at Innovated couldn’t be more exited to have him as apart of our team. Please welcome Mike, as his leads Innovated’s team of skilled craftsman for our projects around the world. State of Florida General Contractor License # CGC1528042