mark maycock

Mark joins Innovated from Phoenix, AZ, as not only our Sr. Project Engineer, but our Control Systems specialist. Mark carries 25 years of experience, spent among some of the largest companies in the world, within the automotive, food & beverage, biotechnology, consumer electronics, and healthcare industries. Mark has also been a part of military contracts, semiconductor, and of course themed entertainment industries. He most recently completed research and development within the ‘thin-film particle deposition’ field. Mark holds a US Patent for the ‘Virtual Attraction Controller’, and he is responsible for upgrading the scanning electron microscope, for the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, which won the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics. Mark is also responsible for an intricate engineering role in a major Orlando Theme Parks current, and famous, IP attraction. Mark hails from Cambridge Ontario, Canada, which naturally makes him a skilled hockey player. Recently, Mark and his wife, Abigail, have welcomed their first son Anderson to the world. We not only congratulate him, but we welcome him, as our newest member of Innovated Studios.