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TempSecured Lite provides multi-person socially distant temperature checks AND mask policy adherence, all with immediate push notifications. Take all the hassle out of protecting your establishment.

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TempSecured Lite easily gives you the ability to check temperatures. In addition, monitor for masks worn by guests entering your establishment. 

Temperature Control

Maintain social distance with temperature monitoring using TempSecured. Record multiple temperatures at once. These can be at distances between 6ft and 20ft. TempSecured takes all the hassle out of the individual temperature checks. With temperature monitoring you set the temperature to your desired warning level (for example 99.3). Therefore, feel secure in that the system sets off a warning for any temperature noted above your desired setting. Easily change this setting, or enable audio warnings in addition to the push notifications you receive.

Mask Adherence

Do you have a mask policy at your location? Who is enforcing this to make sure your guests comply? By using TempSecured, the system monitors your establishment to make sure masks are being worn. Just as with the temperature control, turn on the audio triggers to sound off an alarm when a face is detected without a mask. This makes enforcing mask policy is as easy as flipping a switch!

The Setup

Use a monitor to run a constant video of TempSecured. This setup shows you the latest faces seen along the bottom of the display. It also shows the temperatures of the faces recorded. The monitor also provides the audio system to enable audio warnings when triggered.


Rest easy that a monitor is not required! The system sends push notifications to the admin in charge and runs easily even without a monitoring platform. Want the audio warnings and alarms without the video? No problem! Connect speakers to the system to hear audio warnings and use your cellphone to identify which face and warning is triggered.


Push notifications give you immediate alerts, so that you have full control of your establishment.

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