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ORLANDO, Florida – February 11, 2019.  In a world where technology changes daily, a small group in Central Florida have come together to inspire with a ‘Think Big’ philosophy. And, that philosophy is bringing industry firsts to the world of Themed Entertainment. “Innovated Studios combines a company passion for technology, with a company priority of “listening to our clients”. This allows us to bring their vision to life,” said Brad Ritti, Founder of Innovated. “Here, our favorite projects are those that are of industry firsts!”

They specialize in Themed Entertainment and Home Automation, to also include Consulting, Sales, and Leadership Services. “Innovated works hand-and-hand with clients through Technology Development, Design, Fabrication, and the commissioning of Advanced Technologies” Ritti goes on to say. With work in some of the world’s newest and leading theme parks, to Central Florida’s most sophisticated homes, Innovated has an uncompromising commitment to product quality, producing and exceeding client expectations.

“Theme Parks are at the heart of Innovated’s foundation”, Ritti said. “We have over 30 years in combined Theme Park Entertainment experience, which includes Show Control, Lighting Design, Custom Fabrication, Interactive Technologies, and Special Effects.”

There is also a Home Automation division of Innovated, where the client can dictate how, when, and why their devices should react. “They set the schedule, and the rest is automated based off our clients preferences. Simply, this provides them with convenience, cost savings, and overall control of their home” Ritti goes on to say.

Innovated also carries an Unlimited Energy License, enabling them to perform interior and exterior lighting installation, repairs, maintenance, and general electrical wiring, even those under High Voltage. With lighting control systems becoming widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications, Innovated Studios strives to provide just the right amount of light to any commercial, industrial, and residential space needed, with a creative touch.

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